Aegina Moments, Aegina

Dreaming of the perfect island break? The one that you and your loved ones will reach in record time from Athens? Dreaming of a villa that will make you feel that you've been there before or maybe of a swimming pool in an olive grove overlooking the sunset away from everyone and everything? Then this is Aegina Moments, built piece by piece with passion and great sense of style, aesthetics and above all with love, driven by the landscape, the nature, the charm, the sea, the sunrise and the sunset of Aegina island. 

This wonderful house is located in the mountain village Tzikides, just six minutes from the port of Aegina and nine minutes from the nearest beach. It is hidden in a privileged, totally isolated area in a well-kept olive grove with 1,7 acres of fragrant herbs, vegetables and flowers. Here, at the highest point of the island the world seems different. Distant yet beautiful.

Aegina Moments is part of a neighborhood preferred by distinguished Greek and insternational artists thanks to its privileged location, its views and its energy. A sculptor, a director, a composer, and many others that play an important role in the Greek art scene live here.

The house has four spacious bedrooms, four bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen and comfortable living rooms. One of the bedrooms is located outside offering extra privacy.

The whole house has a contemporary minimalist design: soft, subtle architectural lines, furniture made of natural materials bearing the signature of famous brands, wooden floors and white stone walls create a romantic yet modern setting.

In the most secluded point of the olive grove lies the swimming pool, an oasis hidden from all eyes. At sunset the pool turns into a magical place to read your favorite book or just to relax in one of the lounge chairs and armchairs with your loved ones. In this place you have the right to forget and be forgotten.

Special mention should be made of the panoramic views offered by the two stone terraces of Aegina Moments. You will be able to choose the best view depending on the time. The dining table at the front terrace becomes a favored meeting spot for breakfast, lunch and dinner offering the best views over the port of Aegina and the Saronic Gulf.

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