48 hours in Poros

A narrow sea channel separates the Peloponnese from tiny Poros, a peaceful island with beautiful beaches, pastel-hued houses and a clock tower. Even for a weekend this island of Saronic Gulf will reward you.

Day One

10 am.
Check in at the Poros Image Hotel, a luxury hotel by the sea with the signature of architect Aris Kostandinidis. Wengé wood furniture, marble, granite and a pale gray and beige palette feature the 84 rooms, of which the 4 red suites and the junior suites overlooking the sea and the Peloponnese (Neorio, tel .:
+3022980 22216, www.porosimage.gr).

Seven Brothers A nice hostel in the city center. It has 16 white rooms with dark wood furnishings, modern furnishings and balconies overlooking the picturesque harbor, the colorful streets of Poros and the Galata coast (Tombazis 1, tel .: +3022980 23412, www.7brothers.gr).

Sirene Blue Resort The island's flagship hotel was refurbished and awaits us in the Monastiri area, 3.5 km from the port of Poros. Built on a green slope that leads to the crystal clear waters of the bay, the complex has spacious rooms, two swimming pools and a private beach with a tavern and beach bar on a wooden deck next to the sea (Monastiri, +3022980 22741/3, www.sireneblueresort.gr).

Despite its small size, Poros has many beaches, all along the southern, lush coastline of the island. Most are close to the city and you can go by car, bus, on foot or by boat from the harbor. The long, sandy beach of Askeli is located a few kilometers outside the harbor and is well organized. The Monastery, on the eastern side, is a quiet organized beach with crystal clear waters and picturesque taverns, under the hill that is built in the monastery. Neorio is one of the most beautiful beaches of Poros and is located to the west with the pine trees reaching the sea.


Lunch in Prima Sera. The fish tavern is located in Pounta and combines the modern with the nostalgia of the traditional recipe and the personal touches of the owner. Try the awesome carpaccio swordfish, rich lobster and well cooked and fried fresh fish. Accompany your very good barrel wine (tel .: 22980 23080, from € 15 per person).

Before we even step on the tiny island, the eye drops to the top of the hill. Among the prunes and pine trees dominates the historical Clock of 1927 that is visible from everywhere and is the gem and symbol of the city. A city built amphitheatrically on a green hill with pine trees reaching to the water, with neoclassical charm and tiny coves. Serenity and isolation are assured in this insular escape. The houses on the beach are large neoclassic, as opposed to the simple two storey houses in Brinia, Mylos, Pounta and Kastelli. The first residences were built in 1463 in the area around Clock. We walk to the port-capital between the picturesque alleys of Poros and the white, whitewashed houses, filled with bougainvillea and at every step we feel that the weight of the routine leaves our shoulders. Here, in the neighborhoods of the Old Town, the time fades as much as necessary to clear the mind from the unnecessary. Particularly picturesque is the small square next to the chapel of Agios Georgios and the old aqueduct. At the Archaeological Museum of Korízi Square we make a brief dive in history, we surrender to the heady fragrances of thousands of lemons in Lemonadosos and enjoy the wild beauty of the Diabologefiro. Going out of the city to the northwest is the Prehistory, the first residence of Otto. This is where the sailors are ranked and trained today. Then there is a small canal that separates Spheria from Kalavria and leads us to the settlement, first inhabited by refugees from Asia Minor. Following the spiral road between large pines, we reach the Chapel of Our Lady of Agia Zoni, which celebrates on 2 July and is set amid a ravine with plane trees and running waters. Continuing the road we meet the chapel of Prophet Elias and finally the palaces in which the Temple of Poseidon is located.

Visit the Monastery of Zoodohos Pigi (18th century), built on a verdant slope, overlooking the sea, which is a sample of insular monastic architecture. It combines tranquility with simplicity and picturesqueness and is surrounded by tall and strong walls, without openings. At the entrance of the Monastery there is the famous source for its healing properties, from which the Monastery took its name on the side of a stream, under tall planes, above the sea. The temple is of the Vasiliki type with a dome, and impresses with its wood-carved iconostasis, which was painted in Cappadocia of Asia Minor in the 17th century, the wood-carved iconostasis and the imposing episcopal throne (Visiting hours: 07.30-13.00, 16.00-Sunset, tel: +3022980 22926).

Dinner in Oasis, the historical tavern next to the sea, which has been operating since the mid-1960s. Lunch and evening are served with fish and seafood and star star star star star star star star. The service is excellent (Poros Beach, tel .: +3022980 22955, from €15 per person).

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