48 hours in Spetses

Just a few kilometres from the east coast of the Peloponnese, Spetses is a lively island with rich history, pine forests, beautiful beaches and good restaurants attracting intellectuals, artists and bon viveurs.

Day One

10 am.
Check in to the historic Poseidonion Grand Hotel which reminds of the imposing hotels of the Cote d'Azur. The renovated Poseidonion has 52 rooms and suites in pale colors with simple, white furniture. At the restaurant On the Verandah, award-winning chef Stamatis Marmarinos creates traditional flavors of Spetses and Peloponnese with a modern twist (tel. +3022980 74553, www.poseidonion.com).

The Orloff Resort boutique hotel lies near the cosmopolitan Old Harbour of Spetses, where the heart of the island’s nobility and historical tradition beats. The vision in the minds and hearts of its creators was to build a place of tranquillity that would be relaxing on the eye and calming to the senses (Old Port, tel. +3022980 75444, www.orloffresort.com).

Mare Monte Suites is a boutique hotel, one of the most elegant and sophisticated mansions of the island. It is housed in a historic building, built in 1762 by an old aristocratic Spetses family. You will find it in the quiet old neighborhood of Agios Mamas, just a 5-minute walk from the beautiful waterfront of the harbor (Agios Mamas, tel .: +3022980 77122, www.maremonteboutiquehotel.com). 

11 am
Head to he organized beach of Agia Paraskevi. It is located on the west coast of the island in a protected bay with sand, crystal clear waters and a dense pine forest. For absolute tranquility and isolation you will head to the southeast of the island on Xylokeriza beach. It is not organized but it has sand, pebbles and crystal clear turquoise waters. You will reach both beaches by car and by boat.

Agia Paraskevi
Lunch in the legendary Patralis tavern. You will taste grilled fish, fish soup, seafood risotto and traditional diahes such as mousaka and oven baked lamb (Kounoupitsa, tel. +3022980 72134, www.patralis.gr, from €15 per person).

Enojy a coffee in Roussos, which for years has been a reference point on the island. It is ideal for a generous breakfast and afternoon sweets with great views of the harbor. Among the best sellers are the fluffy waffle with ice cream and the fresh chocolate croissant (tel. +3022980 72819).

7 pm
Visit the Bouboulina's Museum. During the 40-minute tour, you will learn about the history of the legendary Captain, from her birth in the Turkish prisons of Constantinople, her battles during the liberation struggle of 1821, her sacrifices for the homeland and her unexpected and tragic end. You will see collections of weapons, old books, porcelain, papers and letters of the Revolution, ship paintings and dunes, portraits and engravings of the heroine, personal items etc. Check out the hours of guided tours in the main port and on the outside of the museum (+3022980 72416, www.bouboulinamuseum-spetses.gr, entrance fee €6). 


Dinner in the Nero tis Agapis (Water of love) restaurant, on the right side of he harbor overlooking Costa. In a romantic setting dominated by white colors, you will taste fresh seafood and fish that arrive daily from the owner's boat, virgin olive oil, fresh pasta and vegetables from their garden Don't miss the tasty shrimp with ouzo sauce and Kozani saffron and well-cooked octopus with mushrooms and onions (Kounoupitsa, tel. +3022980 74009, from €25 per person).

Enjoy fine wines and very good cocktails in the cozy wine bar Balcony with large veranda and the sea stretching under your feet. You will find it on the left side of the harbor and relax with jazz, ethnic, latin and classical music (tel. +3022980 72594).

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