48 hours in Aegina

Beyond the bustling port of Aegina, you will discover an easy-going island with ancient sites and the renowned pistachio nut. Just a strone's throw away from Athens, it is no wonder that Aegina is a favored weekend escape for Athenians.

Day One

10 am.
Check in to Rastoni hotel, located in a verdant area 200 meters from the port of Aegina. It features apartments, each with its own decorative style: Lora in English colonial style, Romance with a four-poster bed, Rama in tropical style with dark wood, as well as the Gardenian double room with a spacious courtyard (Dim. Petriti 31, tel .: +3022970 27039, www.rastoni.gr).

Aiginitiko Mansion. The stylish Neo-Classical Mansion of the 1700s has been renovated to offer comfortable accommodation in the 12 rooms facing two internal courtyards. Eleftherios Venizelos, Nikos Kazantzakis, Kostas Varnalis and Admiral Kountouriotis are some of the notable people who have stayed here. The hospitable Mrs. Renna will make you feel at home (Agiou Nikolaou & Thomaidos 1, tel .: +3022970 24968, www.aeginitikoarchontiko.gr). Xanthippi hotel is a carefully restored complex with unobstructed views of the sea. It consists of a two-storey building with 22 fully renovated studios that give a sense of privacy (Loutra Souvalas, tel .: +3022970 52201, http://xanthippihotel.gr).

Fistikies Holiday Apartments. The complex is located in the heart of Aegina, five hundred meters from the harbor, surrounded by a beautiful garden and a large swimming pool with hydromassage that promises moments of coolness and relaxation (Logiotatidou 1, tel. +3022970 23783, www.fistikies.gr).

Just 4 km from the port of the island, you will find the two successive organized beaches of Marathonas, with lush vegetation and blue waters. A little further south, Aeginitika is an organized, sandy beach with shallow green waters and eucalyptus trees nearly reaching the sea. Continuing for another 2 km towards the traditional fishing village of Perdika, you will find the beach of the same name. From Perdika you can visit the island that lies across the beach, Moni, where you will find beaches with deep, crystal clear waters, ideal for underwater fishing.


Lunch at Saronis taverna which has been serving fresh fish and seafood for more than two decades in the picturesque harbor of Perdika, next to the traditional fishing boats (Perdika, tel: +3022970 61501, www.saronisfishrestaurant.gr, from €15 per person).

Caps Love cafe has a beautiful, secret courtyard behind the church of Panagitsa, on the coastal road of Aegina. Sit for coffee, brunch or food (try their pancakes and burger) and return later for drinks and dancing (Achilles 4, tel .: +3022970 29418).

Skotadis taverna is one of the best spots of the island for seafood, shells and fresh grilled fish. There are delicious appetizers on the menu, such as roasted sardines and salads, white taramosalata (fish roe) and tomato-rocket salad served with caper leaves. For the best view, opt for a table on the terrace (Aegina Beach, tel .: +3022970 24014, from €15 per person).

Since 1967, Anesis open air cinema is an all time classic option for night film screenings, in the center of Aegina, behind the cafes of the harbor. Enjoy a film in the comfortable chairs, surrounded by the sweet smells of jasmine, drinking an ice cold beer (Aiakou & Aiantos, tel. +3022970 26331).

For 60 years, the café-pastry shop "Aiakeion" has been famous for its desserts. Today Aiakeio Aithrion is a hot spot for cocktails and a nice view of the port. It is open only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays after 8 pm. during summer (Dimokratias Avenue 18-20, tel .: +3022970 22249, http://aiakeion.gr).

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